Felbridge Bowls Club.

Internal Club Competitions Rules.

1. Match Arrangments.

The challenger, i.e. first name on the competition sheet, is responsible for making match arrangements.

The challenger must contact the opponent within seven days of the competition start date for each round.

The challenger submits three dates and times of play to the opponent.

The opponent should agree a date and time of play as soon as possible thereafter. The date and time can be one of the three dates submitted by the challenger, or a mutually agreed alternative.

If the challenger fails to submit three date's and time of play within seven days, the opponent may submit three dates, one of which the challenger must accept.

All matches must be completed by the closing date for each round, otherwise the challenger will proceed to the next round.


2. Duties of the challenger.

Arrange match date and time.

Book rink and enter booking in "Green Log" stating name; date and time.

Arrange marker for singles matches and agree acceptances of marker by opponent.